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Accurate and compliant to the german calibration law. Innovation made in Germany.
We offer your a consultancy on the current law, financial support, hardware, operation even investment partners.

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smopi® is the ideal solution for the growing requirements to charging infrastructure
in communities, fleet management, public and semi public parking.


With the modular structure it's possible to expand the system anytime.


The multi charge point solution is ISO15118 ready! It's possible to upgrade the system for Plug & Charge though an simple modul switch.


From the first competent consultation, over the development and installation, to the maintenance we offer everything out of one hand!


Through central placement of the charging cabin in a seperated room abuse and vandalism have no chance! At the parking lot are just the charge points installed.


With a special software solution the multi charge point solution supports intelligent load-, charging-, and energy managment An adjusted charging performance leeds to a optimal use of the grid connection. Peak loads are avoided!

smopi® Multi Chargepoint Solutions GmbH was developed as an intern start-up of Gebauer Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG. The basis were comprehensive experiences in the field of charging infrastructure, load- and charging managment. With the context of sustainable usage of surplus energy from renewable energy. smopi® offers through its modular construction, its high safety standards and the billing system highest flexibility.

The whole system was developed under consideration of the german charging infrastructure
regulation (LSVO) and is adjusted to the rules of  VDE/CE/DIN. 

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If you are not sure, please leave this field empty.
In the course of our PRE-CHECK we can measure the power at your location.

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